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Steven Moore

Teaching experience in Vietnam 


●      Dong Da High School. August 2015 - present


10 Ngõ Quan Thổ 1, Hà Noi, Hàng Bột Đống Đa Hà Nội


Teaching high school level students in this environment has taught me a lot about classroom management and effective ways to teach large groups of students and motivate them to learn more.


Lessons here are based around pronunciation practice, vocabulary and simple grammar to try and get students speaking as much as possible.



●      Espeed English centre .   Early 2014 - February 2016




I started teaching at Espeed when it was a single centre and only had one other foreign teacher. We focussed strongly on communication, confidence building and public speaking with our classes of young adults. It has now grown to include five centres in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh city.


I was required to adapt lessons to many different levels of learners while keeping them engaging, fun and covering communication English that students would use in real life environments.


I also did a lot of demo classes/ seminars for Espeed which would require me speaking in front of up to a hundred potential new students in an energetic, enthusiastic way



●      Summer School. June 2014 - present




Summer School is a well run and respected private English centre for young learners which I have been involved with for a long time. Throughout the year we teach from the family and friends set of textbooks with focus on daily communication, grammar and pronunciation.

Currently I am teaching in their summer program which requires me to plan longer lessons based around the National Geographic textbooks. This leads for more discussion based lessons around diverse topics.

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