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Jesse Doehler-Knox

Jesse Doehler-Knox


Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Apollo Education & Training, International House Hanoi, May 2016
Honours B.A (Cum Laude), Community Economic and Social Development
Laurentian University, 2006
Professional Experience
English and Science Teacher, Inburi School, Thailand May 2015-April
 Taught High School English and science to youth ages 12-18
 Developed classroom materials, lesson plans and course aims
 Wrote and graded tests, midterm
and final exams
 Wrote and developed a recruitment website (www.inburienglish.weebly.com)
 Recruited, interviewed, hired and trained a Native English Speaking Teacher
Social Enterprise www.krobssocialenterprise.com, 2014
 Developed the goals, aims and philosophies of KROBS Social Enterprise, a
registered Canadian NonProfit
Organization that engages in grassroots education
consulting in developing countries
 Served on the Board of Directors for the first year
 Organized three successful events in Canada and USA to raise funds for an
elementary school in Tanzania
Head Trainer of Fundraising, Greenpeace Canada, 2011-2015
 Trained adults in doortodoor,
phone and street fundraising
Constituency Assistant, Rosario Marchese, Member of Provincial Parliament, 2007-2011
 Designed and wrote community newsletters, information pamphlets and flyers
about important neighbourhood issues, actions and events.
 Drafted letters to constituents, associations, organizations, unions, businesses,
newspapers, Ministers, the Premier of Ontario and the Mayor of Toronto
 Trained five staff and recruited and mentored interns and volunteers
Camp Counsellor, day camps, City of Toronto, Canada, 1997-2006
 Designed 3week
programs for youth ages 13-15
and 2week
programs for children
ages 6-12
that taught arts, leadership, skill building and games.

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